Doug Jones reveals if he's satisfied with Saru's journey in Star Trek: Discovery

Doug Jones remains satisfied with Saru's story.
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Star Trek; Discovery has bid us all a good night, as the show has officially ended following the conclusion of the 10th and final episode of season five. The show wrapped everything up as nicely as it possibly could, including a final moment where just about every major, living, character was brought back for a final emotional sendoff.

One of the characters there at the end was Saru, played by iconic character actor, Doug Jones. Jones has played Saru since the beginning of the show and has largely been seen as the show's breakout character. While not everyone loves the show, Saru and by proxy Jones, remain one of the most beloved characters and actors on the series.

So much so that people are hoping that Jones and Saru pop over to Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. The series is expected to follow the timeline of Discovery as a show, but will not be a direct spinoff, as it's expected to feature an entirely new cast, led by Holly Hunter.

Fans are hopeful, however, that Jones and Saru pop up in the series in some form. The character was so well-liked that many believe it's the best path forward to make Starfleet Academy fit into the larger timeline. Yet, if that doesn't happen, it does sound like Jones' is happy with his body of work on the franchise.

Speaking to recently, Jones was asked if he's satisfied with how things ended for the loveable alien, Saru. To the surprise of no one, the often jovial Jones responded emphatically that he was happy with how things ended for him and his character. Further goes on to say that the only thing he wanted for his character, a romance, finally happened;

""In earlier seasons when I was asked what would I like to see for Saru, I always brought up romance. I always wanted to see a relationship for Saru....I’m not going to give away the end of the series but yeah, that relationship is the most satisfying thing to me. When it comes to the science fiction part of it that is exciting and fun, but for me personally, romance will always win me over, every time.""

Saru's relationship with the series further gave him a more rounded experience, one that more people could relate to. It's a wonderful thing to see play out. While Discovery may have ended, it's possible we haven't seen the last of Jones as Saru and we're hopeful that when we see him next, the series is clipping on all cylinders in a way other shows never were able to.