Dr. Gillian Taylor supposedly wrote a book about her Voyage Home adventure, and it should be a movie!

Presley Ann/GettyImages

Though it's not canon, Dr. Gillian Taylor, played by Catherine HIcks in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, supposedly wrote a book about the whale of a time she had with George and Gracie. Called "Whales Weep Not: My 300-Year Voyage Home with George and Gracie," the book would detail her life as a cetologist and how she traveled 300 years into the future to save the lives of not only the whales but all of humanity.

We're always talking about new Trek shows and what Star Trek could use for different series, and this is the perfect example of a movie plot. Seeing Dr. Gillian Taylor's journeys from a young doctor in San Francisco in the 1980s to a scientist that leapt into the future would be a great adventure. Fans have often wondered what happened to Dr. Taylor after she left Captain Kirk behind, and since Paramount+ wants to do more Trek films series for its streaming channel, sharing Dr. Taylor's story would be perfect.

We want to know what she experienced as she acclimated to the future with technologies she could only dream about. We've seen brief glimpses of people who've gotten thrown into the future on Star Trek, but none of them stayed around long enough for us to see this new world through their eyes.

In the right hands, Dr. Taylor aboard a science vessel, seeing her keep up with George and Gracie, witnessing her grow into her new job in the 23rd century, and perhaps even finding love could make for an excellent movie, probably with a lot of laughs. And it would be a movie where no legacy characters would have to appear since Dr. Taylor went off on her own on a different science vessel. There is plenty of fodder for a film here, and I, for one, would love to watch Dr. Taylor's story unfold onscreen.

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