Fan response to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds emboldens the series to take "bigger swings"


Season two of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds gave us some unusual episodes, with one of them bringing in two characters from the animated Star Trek series, Lower Decks. The other was a musical that no one was was quite sure about it until it aired. With both episodes hits, it's only natural that the producers of Strange New Worlds are willing to step things up a notch for season three, and that's exactly what is happening, according to Anson Mount who talked to Gold Derby in advance of the upcoming Emmy nominations [via Trekmovie].

Not only does the actor, who portrays Captain Christopher Pike, think season three is going to be exciting, but he went so far as to say that it would be the series best season yet.

"I think it’s not just an exciting season, but I think it’s just—storytelling wise, development wise, technically—it’s going to be our best season so far. A lot of that has to do with even bigger swings taken. The musical episode will not be the craziest thing that we have done by the end of this."

Anson Mount

He couldn't elaborate on what fans have to look forward to, but Mount said that because people were tuning into the series, the show has become more "emboldened." So the more we watch, the bigger they go.

"It’s just feeling more ownership over what it is that we’re doing and realizing that it continues to resonate. We were all pretty sure that we had something with season 1, but you could have knocked us over with a feather when we saw actual response. The response was incredible. It was an honor to get to get to go to the Critics Choice Awards this year. We did not expect that at all. And yeah, people are actually watching and enjoying what we’re doing. So we’re feeling even more emboldened."

Anson Mount

If this interview has you thinking how on earth they're going to top both the musical episode and the animated crossover episode, you're not alone. With Lower Decks ending this season, the chances for another crossover in the future become slimmer, and there's been no indication that there is another musical episode on the way. The only hint we've gotten about the season was from Jonathan Frakes who directed one of the episodes and said he was "incredibly proud" of it, calling it a Hollywood murder mystery.

There really is no telling what season three will bring us, but the first episode is bound to start off with a bang as season two ended on a cliffhanger of maximum proportions. One can only imagine how this will set the stage for the remainder of the exciting season with "bigger swings."

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