Fans aren't giving up on The Orville's chance for a season four renewal


The last new episode fans saw of The Orville was on August 4, 2022. That was the season three finale. In sixteen months, there hasn't been a definitive cancellation or renewal of the series, though there have been hints at both. But fans of the Seth MacFarlane-created series aren't giving up hope. The Orville Facebook Group has over 65,000 members that continue to discuss the series and ask about renewal. On Twitter/X, #renewtheorville can still be seen as one fan in particular, Egotastic Fun Time, encouraged other Orvillians today that the fight wasn't over yet.

The Orville isn't the only series that has had a long wait between seasons along with uncertainty for renewal. Russian Doll, an instant hit for Netflix, aired its season two finale in April 2022, and to date, neither a cancellation or renewal has been announced, according to Plus, fans of other shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Happy Valley, and Master of None have had long waits between seasons.

With that said, there's no reason for fans to give up on The Orville's chances for renewal. Until we hear that the series has been cancelled, we should retain hope, and even then, there is always the possibility that the series could be shopped to another streaming channel. Netflix picked up Star Trek: Prodigy after it was cancelled by Paramount+, and it is turning into one of its best decisions.

So while sixteen months is a long time to wait with no information, it's better to be in a holding pattern than to have a definitive no. Disney can take its time renewing The Orville. We'll wait. Because we still believe that it's going to get renewed. And, if for some reason it doesn't, the fans are ready to launch a hardcore renewal campaign that will hopefully catch the eye of another streamer.

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