Former Star Trek: Voyager actor all but retired from acting

Former Star Trek: Voyager actor is done with acting, once Chucky the Series is over.
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Star Trek: Voyager alum, Brad Dourif has confirmed that aside from Chucky-related projects, he's done acting. Dourif spoke to Tyler Nichols of JoBlo at some point recently and informed Nichols that he was in fact done with acting, aside from his work on Chucky.

Nichols interviewed a "batch" of Dourif's Chucky colleagues and then Dourif himself for a series of interviews set to debut later in the month, and it's apparently here that Dourif told Nichols of his current stance on working.

So why keep working on Chucky if he wants to be retired? Well, as Nichols claims, it's because of his daughter, Fiona, who has a role in the series. It's also because Chucky creator, Don Mancini is someone Dourif believes to be 'family'.

This is why Nichols had to say;

"“Dourif said that he’s retired from acting. The only reason he came back for the show was because of his daughter Fiona and he considers Chucky creator Don Mancini to be family. But for non-Chucky stuff, he considers himself retired.“"

Dourif may be having a swan song of sorts with the Chucky series, building to one epic final bow, but Star Trek fans will remember him from Voyager. He played Lon Suder, a psychopathic Betazoid, who was a member of the Maquis crew that Voyager merged with. Over time, Suder was unable to keep his murderous impulses at bay and he eventually struck, killing a fellow crew member.

This would later lead into to a storyline where Tuvok tried to mind-meld with Suder to help him, only instead to be affected by the bloodlust that consumes Suder. Luckily, Suder starts to mend, and Tuvok purges those urges from himself and begins helping Suder more regularly.

Eventually, after the Voyager is taken over by the Kazon, Suder allows himself to slip back into his murderous old ways to help take the ship back and rescue the crew, but he was killed near the home stretch of his mission; dying a hero.

Dourif's run on Star Trek was brief but impactful and he was easily one of the best and most memorable characters from the franchise's run, especially in the early days. We're thankful he got to share our universe for a little bit and when Chucky is over, we hope he enjoys his retirement as it's well-earned.