Garrett Wang still mad at himself for missing Jennifer Lien's farewell dinner


Jennifer Lien played the Ocampan, Kes, on Star Trek: Voyager for a little over three seasons. She made her exit on the season four episode "The Gift," although she did return in the season six episode "Fury." Her character was written out in season four for reasons we're not altogether clear on. To say goodbye to Lien (and her character), series star Kate Mulgrew (Captain Kathryn Janeway) planned a farewell dinner, and the entire cast was invited to say goodbye to Lien. [via Screenrant]

At least one of the cast members wasn't there. Garrett Wang. He admitted in a recent The Delta Flyers episode that he missed the dinner, and it wasn't because he had something more pressing to do. Wang said his "brain spaced." The co-host of The Delta Flyers was actually in IKEA when the dinner was being held.

"Kate set up a goodbye farewell dinner for Kes, and I didn't make it because my brain spaced out. I completely forgot. ... I got a really, really pissed off message from Kate on my voicemail saying like, 'how could you forget this?' And the thing was, I wasn't doing anything, I was at Ikea. I remember this specifically. I was at Ikea, going 'ooh, I could blow off some time, I'm in Burbank, I have nothing to do,' and I completely forgot about this dinner. I completely spaced out. And to this day, I'm still mad at myself for missing that farewell dinner that Kate set up for Jennifer."

Garrett Wang

Lien's last acting role was in 2001 in Accidents Don't Happen, and it's been understood that the actress was having personal difficulties which was one of the reasons why she was written out of Voyager. The fact that she didn't continue acting much beyond Voyager solidifies that. Whatever she was going through, the farewell dinner had to have meant a lot to her. It's no wonder Mulgrew was upset with Wang.

It's clear Wang would have been there if he hadn't spaced out, and the fact that he still feels bad about it says a lot about his character.

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