How a Star Trek fan's reaction was dangerous for Wil Wheaton's wife, Anne

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To Star Trek fans, Wil Wheaton is easily recognizable. He played Wesley Crusher for four seasons on Star Trek: The Next Generation and returned in a guest-starring capacity in seasons five and seven. Since then, he also voiced a Romulan in Star Trek (2009) and played Wesley again on Lower Decks and Star Trek: Picard. Needless to say, the actor is well-known. Even before his recent appearances on newer Star Trek shows, Wheaton didn't have any issues getting noticed. One particular occasion, though, could have had a tragic outcome.

In response to Star Trek Explorer #11's Ian Spelling's question "Where is the strangest place you've been recognized for Star Trek?" Wheaton told the story of the time he had to take his wife, Anne, to the emergency room for uncontrollabe vomiting and other stomach issues. The doctor recognized Wheaton for his Star Trek role, and, according to Wheaton "he just kind of forgot to be a doctor."

The doctor was so thrilled with meeting the Star Trek alum that he wasn't really focusing much on Anne and was even ready to release her. He told her she could go home when she clearly needed to be admitted to the hospital. It was only when Anne stood up to leave then collapsed that the doctor's training kicked in, and he told her he she needed to be admitted.

""It was the one time in my life that maybe my Star Trek association wasn't the greatest.""

Wil Wheaton

This interaction could have had tragic consequences had Wheaton and his wife gone home. Wheaton doesn't clarify what Anne's ultimate diagnosis was, but from the way he described her illness, she obviously wasn't in any shape to go home. This story points out just another one of the dangerous aspects of being a celebrity. Fortunately, this one has a happy ending.

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