Is a Star Trek: The Next Generation reboot inevitable?


It's a question that has come up before. Could Star Trek: The Next Generation be rebooted somewhere down the line? Is it possible that Paramount would attempt to replace Captain Picard and the entire, memorable crew?

Star Trek: The Original Series was essentially rebooted with the J.J. Abrams' movies, beginning with Star Trek (2009). And, in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, characters we've known since the beginning of Star Trek have been recast with, for the most part, fan approval. But Star Trek: Picard recently brought back the characters from The Next Generation, making the final season of the series a rousing success. All of the actors returned to reprise their original roles, and they still fit easily back into their parts. In ten episodes, Picard brought us one long movie that could have would have been epic as a three-parter on movie screens much like other movie franchise have done. So that season proved those characters aren't ready to be retired. In fact, they don't need to be as they easily undertook a season-long mission and proved they could handle more.

Giant Freakin Robot seems to think, though, that it's inevitable for The Next Generation to be rebooted and even provides a recipe for success. But I question whether that will actually happen with original actors still in fighting shape, so to speak. The Original Series was rebooted onscreen without giving most of the original characters a chance to reprise their roles. Could they have done just as well in a new movie?

Leonard Nimoy appeared in the movie, and he didn't miss a beat as Spock. William Shatner, who is now 93-years-old, was only 78 at the time of Star Trek (2009) so he could have slipped back into the role of Captain Kirk just as Patrick Stewart reclaimed his role as Admiral Picard. Essentially, the 2009 movie didn't have to happen with a reboot of the characters. It was a choice made by the studio.

A reboot of The Next Generation would, of course, be another choice by the studio, but with such success coming from the final season of Picard, with the original characters still fresh on fans' minds, would it be a wise decision? Probably not, and with Alex Kurtzman saying he wants all the series to be different, this is something that probably isn't going to happen.

dark. Next. Alex Kurtzman acknowledges the primary fan base of Star Trek needs to be served first. Alex Kurtzman acknowledges the primary fan base of Star Trek needs to be served first