Is Star Trek: Discovery Star Trek's most hated series?


Star Trek: Discovery has weathered its fair share of battles when it comes to fans. Though many don't like the show, there are others who have become die-hard fans. Evidence, like the Discovery panel that took place on Star Trek The Cruise VII, proves the series does have its faithful followers, and that's how it is for every Star Trek series just as they all have the people who refuse to watch.

In a recent article, Giant Freakin Robot's Chris Snellgrove referred to Discovery as Star Trek's most hated series. But is that really the case? I know plenty of people who hated Deep Space Nine and Enterprise. Others who watched one episode of Lower Decks and wrote it off as garbage. Still more that will never watch an episode of The Next Generation because it doesn't have Captain Kirk or Spock. And do we really even have to talk about the hate Star Trek: Picard received?

Yes, Discovery changed canon, took some turns that some fans consider outrageous, and eventually sent the crew to the 32nd century where the Romulans and Vulcans have become united. Also, the Federation and Earth are safely in one piece. That can affect the ability of current and future series to tell stories that might involve the potential destruction of one or both. But every series has done something that could potentially affect the future for other stories. And there is always a workaround. Sometimes, it's just a matter of ignoring what happened in the past.

Discovery might not have been everyone's cup of tea, but unless there was a poll taken of all Star Trek fans, saying that it is the franchise's most hated series is a bit disingenuous. And there are thousands upon thousands of fans that would disagree with this assessment. So maybe it's not the absolute favorite out of all the series that from 1966 to present, but I'd still wager there are copious amounts of fans who would choose another show as their absolute worst.

Star Trek has brought so much entertainment to us fans. Does it really matter if there is a series (or two) that isn't what we want it to be? Isn't it okay to just say "I don't like that series" and move on to one you do? There certainly isn't a requirement that everyone must know just how much we hate a certain series. And yes, we all have our opinions, and we have every right to express them, but while aspersions are being cast on the latest iteration of Star Trek, we should all keep in mind that there are people behind those series. People who are trying their hardest to bring quality entertainment to Trek fans. They might not always get it right, but they certainly aren't out to bring the franchise to ruin.

So, in answer to the question, is Star Trek: Discovery Star Trek's most hated series, I'd say no because there's no way for that to be known. And, for some, it's their holy grail of Star Trek. And that should be okay, whether we like it or not.

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