Is The Doctor really the best character from Star Trek: Voyager?

It's a bold claim but someone apparently made it.
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Star Trek: Voyager is one of those shows that will be talked about for years to come, as it was a benchmark for science fiction on not only broadcast television but also for the franchise as a whole. Star Trek got a big kick in recent years thanks to Voyager popping up on Netflix, with hordes of new fans flocking to watch the iconic series. A series that introduced the first female captain to audiences, and would roll out a slew of iconic characters; ranging from Kathryn Janeway herself all the way to Seven of Nine.

But according to Giant Freaking Robot, the best character to come out of Voyager was The Doctor, the Emergency Medical Hologram played wonderfully by Robert Picardo. Recently, Giant Freaking Robot wrote a treatment for how they could get The Doctor onto Star Trek: Discovery, and while it's an interesting idea, we just want to look at how they described him; as the show's best character.

Bold words, sir. Bold words, indeed.

It's fair to say that The Doctor was among the best aspects of the show, no denying that. He absolutely was, but was he the definitive best character? Well, let's look at that idea, as it's a very subjective idea. If they think The Doctor is the best character, that's their opinion and good on them.

Yet, with a roster that included Tom Paris, Seven of Nine, B'Elanna Torres, and of course Kathryn Janeway herself, it's hard to say that The Doctor is the best character. What makes someone the best? Is it the struggles they endure, then that's gotta be Janeway. Is it the uniqueness? That's Seven of Nine. Is it the one we wish we all were? That's Paris. Heck, even B'Lanna had a style all her own that made her stand out from other characters. Worf was never so complicated.

Then of course you had the relatable Harry Kim, someone we could all see ourselves as. Then of course there was the one we all knew we should act more like; Chakotay. Heck, even Tuvok and Neelix were a perfect comedic pair.

The Doctor is great, we don't deny that, but he's not the best character, because at the end of the day, there is no best character.

But Chakotay is the best character.

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