Is there a demand to bring back Ezri Dax to the wider Star Trek world?

Ezri Dax is returning to the franchise via Star Trek Online, but is there a bigger demand for the character?
"Star Trek" Day
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The character of Ezri Dax was always one that brought some contention to Star Trek fans. The character was a replacement for Jadzia Dax, whose actress, Terry Farrell wanted to reduce her workload on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and was subsequently let go from the show due to it. Her character was then killed off in the season six finale. Ezri, played by Nicole de Boer, was brought in as the new host to the Dax symbiote.

de Boer's turn as Ezri brought some interesting storylines and some grand performances, but fans were still a bit mad that Jadzia, who was one of the more popular characters on the show, was killed off and it felt like Ezri didn't have the time too get fans on her side. She came in during the final season and only had so long to try and win fans over.

Some would say she did, others never really took to her. But regardless, there are fans who want to see more of her, and that's potentially why Star Trek Online reached out to de Boer and came to an agreement to have her come back as Ezri for the upcoming Star Trek Online season, "Both Worlds", which will also feature Star Trek: Voyager's Garrett Wang back as Harry Kim.

The new season drops on Jan. 23 for PC players, and then March 12 for PlayStation and Xbox users.

Ezri's return to Star Trek Online has us thinking, however, if there's enough demand to see her return for the free online game, is there enough demand to see her return for a Star Trek series? Granted, the 25th century isn't getting a lot of love right now outside of Star Trek: Prodigy, so there isn't a lot of avenues in which she could return. But if there is in fact a Picard film, maybe they could find a way to bring her back into the fold.

After all, Picard found ways of bringing back Jeri Ryan, Walter Koeing, and others, so why not de Boer? It's been a while since Deep Space Nine ended and de Boer has been hanging around the convention circuit for a while. It would make total sense to bring her back into the fold at this point. Hopefully, a series gets created that can accommodate her character properly.

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