It seems like Paramount has no desire to greenlight Star Trek: Legacy

If Star Trek: Legacy was going to be greenlit, it would have already.
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"Star Trek: Discovery" | SXSW Featured Session | The Trailblazing Journey To The Fifth And Final / Daniel Boczarski/GettyImages

Star Trek is in a weird place right now. The shows are being canceled left and right, with Star Trek's Picard, Discovery, and Strange New Worlds all getting canceled due to Paramount's desire to turn things around financially. Films are the new order of the day, and we've seen that become the focus going forward. Section 31 was turned from a series into a film to reduce costs and likely to honor contracts they already had in place.

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy is still said to be happening but we now know that an announcement doesn't mean anything int he mouth of Paramount. After all, we'd already have Star Trek 4 trailers by now, if not the whole movie if we were to believe everything said by studio execs.

We don't know what's happening next, no matter what insider or even showrunner wants to claim. So when we hear Alex Kurtzman say to Den of Geek that he has no power to get Star Trek: Legacy going, we should probably see that for what it is, a sign that the show is dead.

"“If I had a magic button, a magic ‘greenlight button,’ for Star Trek: Legacy, and it was all on me, I’d push that button today. Right now, it’s beyond my paygrade.”"

This feels like some serious buck-passing by the figurehead of Star Trek onto the studio. Paramount has already canceled a number of projects due to outlandish spending by the likes of Kurtzman, and for him to say what he did about Legacy really seems to hammer home the point that the show isn't happening.

After all, if it was going to happen, in some form or facet, you'd think it would happen now. Instead, Kurtzman passes the buck to Paramount executives, the same executives that canceled Prodigy mid-way through production. If that's who you're hoping for to greenlight the show, it's likely to never happen, so maybe it's time to just move on.