Janeway/Chakotay reunion is happening in season 2 of Star Trek: Prodigy


Though there's no exact word on when season two of Star Trek: Prodigy will release on Netflix, we do know that it's happening this year. As is a reunion between two core characters from Star Trek: Voyager—Admiral Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and Captain Chakotay (Robert Beltran). However, in a recent “Producing Star Trek” panel forTrek Talks 3 [via Trekmovie], Kevin and Dan Hageman, the creators of Prodigy, acknowledge that the relationship between Janeway and Chakotay could be a potential hornet's nest, especially if done improperly.

"We knew we were stinging our finger in the beehive and so we got a lot of consultants to figure out what is the best play for how this plays out."

Dan Hageman

Aaron Waltke, the executive producer of Prodigy, said there were emotional, intense, and even romantic moments during Voyager. As to how that's going to play out in Prodigy, it isn't clear. Dan Hageman clarified that this is more than just a relationship. So it definitely sounds like they are aware of the potential ramifications if the Janeway/Chakotay reunion and subsequent relationship doesn't sit well with fans.

"As for what we took away from Voyager, I think it’s unquestionable – whether it’s season 1 or season 7 – that there is a strong bond between these two. When we kind of looked at the list of people that Janeway go back to the Delta Quadrant for, Chakotay was certainly near the top of that list. You even see it in “Endgame,” that’s one of the reasons at why older, alternate future Janeway goes back and violates the Temporal Prime Directive is because Chakotay dies… So it kind of makes made sense to us that, whether those feelings are requited in a really intense way, or a personal way, or a romantic way? I think there are different moments throughout even Voyager where you where you see glimmers of all of that."

Aaron Waltke

Even so, as much as many fans want a romantic relationship between the pair, it was originally Kate Mulgrew who put the brakes on a potential relationship with Beltran's character. Whether she has changed her position in that regard is unknown. But one thing is certain, this is an animated series targeted at a younger audience. So if a romance is to take place, it most likely won't be what fans could have potentially seen onscreen during Voyager's run.

"It’s a complicated relationship. It’s more than just a relationship. It’s been through quite a bit."

Dan Hageman

Prodigy has done well by Admiral Janeway so far, and I can't imagine them doing anything differently with Chakotay. As difficult as it may be to write for two well-established characters, the writers of Prodigy have what it takes to make any kind of relationship work, and most likely, make us feel good about it even if no romance is explored. That's just one of the many reasons we love Prodigy.

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