John Billingsley wants to return to Star Trek, and he's had conversations about it

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Star Trek: Enterprise fans aren't the only ones wanting to see the crew back in action as John Billingsley is more than willing to return as Dr. Phlox

John Billingsley played Dr. Knox, a Denobulan with three wives, for four seasons on Star Trek: Enterprise. He brought humor, compassion, and common sense to the role, making himself one of the standout doctors on any Star Trek series.

It's been nineteen years since Enterprise was cancelled, and so far, only Charles "Trip" Tucker (Connor Trinneer) has returned, and that was in voice form only for the Very Short Treks which honored the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Animated Series. But, according to a recent interview with Screenrant, Billingsley is ready to put on the rubber head again.

John Billingsley did have conversations with Star Trek; Strange New Worlds writers on the picket line for the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Because we don't know the lifespan of a Denobulan and it's never been clarified onscreen on in writing, Dr. Phlox could very well still be alive. For all we know, Denobulans could have longer life spans than El-Aurians who can live well over 500 years. So it's completely realistic to believe Denobulans could live just as long.

"I think I'd be the only person still living. Plus, even if they decide Dr. Phlox isn't around, [there's] Dr. Phlox's son, Phil Phlox. I've been signing my name Phil Phlox for years in hopes that that will eventually become canon. I'd be delighted to come back. In fact, on the picket line, I was having some conversations with some of the writers on Strange New Worlds. And I can't remember whether or not I've spoken to Terry [Matalas] about this, but I was definitely saying, "Yeah, Dr. Phlox is still out there." I'll put the old rubber head on."

John Billingsley

Since Billingsley is more than willing to return to the part of Dr. Phlox, why hasn't this already happened? Various characters are returning from the older Star Trek shows except for Star Trek: Enterprise. Granted, some actors might not want to revisit their roles, but, for those that do, a place should be made for them.

Billingsley brought something special to his role on Enterprise, and even though I love most of the doctors on Star Trek, his character just stood out with the unique way he approached medicine, and his good nature that made everyone feel welcome. So it's about time he comes back to the universe!

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