John de Lancie really believed Picard's ending would set up a new show

Even John de Lancie expected a spinoff to come out of Star Trek: Picard.
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Star Trek: Picard really gave us hope that a new, better show would spin out of the series. This time featuring his son, Jack Crusher (what a terrible name), and his journey through Starfleet. it's how Sar Trek: Picard ended after all. There we see Jack (played by Ed Speleers) being confronted by the truly immortal Q (once again played by John de Lancie).

in their final meeting of the series, Q essentially tells Jack that the trial of humanity isn't over and that he will now stand in for his father in that regard. It was an excellent end as it gave Jack something big to sink his teeth into as a storyline in the follow-up series, and it resolved the terrible idea of "killing off" Q in season two of Picard, something everyone hated.

So the ending gave new hope to Q's return to the franchise and his involvement with Jack going forward, but so far the alluded spinoff series, some call Star Trek: Legacy, has never come to fruition. It's been a bit shocking, so much so that even de Lancie himself has spoken out on how befuddled he is about Picard's ending.

Speaking to's All Access Star Trek Podcast, de Lancei spoke in length about how he felt the end of Picard was just the set up to something bigger, saying;

“Well, most post-credits scenes are [a setup for something else], so I took it as that. In reading it I went, ‘Oh well, there it is! There is the baton. There’s the jump-off for the next show.’ I don’t think at this point, it will happen. There was a fun period of time that it looked like it could happen. But then there was the writers’ strike, which took a lot of people’s attentions away. I don’t think that they expected that season 3 was going to be as good and as well-received. They had already decided on another show. They were already moving in another direction. But it was certainly a really valiant and well-appreciated finale to The Next Generation.”

While we all felt the same thing as de Lancie during the finale, it does seem as though the ending to Picard will be a bit more melancholic. Clearly, Legacy isn't happening now.

If de Lancie's comments hold any weight for you whatsoever, it should be pretty obvious by his words that Legacy is dead and not likely to happen. It's pretty clear that there was hope for it but now that doesn't seem to be the case.

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