Jolene Blalock admitted Star Trek: Enterprise should have "gone there" with T'Pol and Trip Tucker

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Jolene Blalock spent four years as Subcommander T'Pol on Star Trek: Enterprise, and throughout the seasons, her character had a flirtatious relationship with Chief Engineer Charles "Trip" Tucker, III. Though there was certainly back and forth, there was never really a defining moment where the pair were identified as a couple. And in the special features on the Blu-ray for Star Trek: Enterprise's first season, the entire cast of the series got together to discuss it, and the topic of T"Pol and Trip came up.

Blalock was actually on board for a relationship between the characters even though she admitted she was "a little judgemental" about it at first. Alas, though, the pair didn't really have a firm, established foundation as Blalock said the couple never really "went there."

"See, the thing is, we never really went there. We kind of touched on it. We played with it. Nothing really…"

Jolene Blalock

She went on to say that it (being the relationship) was middle ground so she really didn't know what was happening, and honestly, she isn't the only one.

There was a push and pull between T'Pol and Trip that never really came to fruition. Though viewers knew the characters felt deeply about one another, were possibly even in love, they never admitted it. And that was a shame as this relationship could have been explored more, and, in turn, it could have brought a lot to the series.

Pairing T'Pol and Trip would have given us a glimpse of what life had been like for Amanda when she married Spock's father, Sarek. As a human, her world changed. But the producers kept Trip far enough away from T'Pol that there was never really any concern about what could change in their lives. Unfortunately, this middle ground didn't help the ratings any, and Enterpise was canceled after four seasons with Trip Tucker's supposed death. (Many fans still don't believe ithat was real.)

Trip and T'Pol was just one of the many areas that could have been improved upon in the series. Unfortunately, that's probably not a story we'll ever see fully realized now.

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