Jonathan Frakes hopes success of Starfleet Academy and Section 31 movie will lead to Star Trek: Legacy

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Star Trek: Legacy is the currently dead-in-the-water hope for the future that Star Trek fans have been asking for since season three of Star Trek: Picard. With Picard showrunner Terry Matalas recently signing on with Marvel to produce a "Vision" television series for Disney+, hopes have been dimming. If anyone is going to run Legacy, it has to be Matalas. So where does that leave us?

As it happens, Jonathan Frakes doesn't seem to think the show is dead. In a recent interview with IndieWire to discuss the final season of Star Trek: Discovery, Frakes was, not surprisingly, asked about any updates he might have for Legacy as well as his hopes for the future of the series that is still just a fleeting thought at the moment. Though Frakes didn't have any updates, he did share that the franchise is in great shape, which is comforting to hear from someone who knows Star Trek so well.

Frakes went on to say that the potential success that he's imagining for Starfleet Academy and Section 31 is going to "catapult us further into the future." And where would that leave us? Hopefully, with a place for Legacy. At least that's what Frakes is hoping for.

"Updates? I don’t have, but I do know that the franchise is in great shape. I do know that this ‘Starfleet Academy’ series is going to be an entirely different animal, and I think that the success of what I’m imagining, the success of ‘Section 31,’ Michelle Yeoh’s movie, is only going to catapult us further into the future, and my hope, obviously is that we’ll find a place then to continue the ‘Legacy’ story.”"

Jonathan Frakes

The grapevine is still buzzing with the notion that Legacy is dead, that it's not going to happen, but when you read comments like this from Frakes, it's easy to become hopeful again. Even though Matalas has signed on for another series and we've received no news about Legacy in...well...ever, that doesn't mean the curtain has fallen. For now, all we can do is hold on to the kernels of hope that Frakes and others give us!

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