Jonathan Frakes sees Star Trek: Legacy as a possible Paramount+ movie


Section 31 starring Michelle Yeoh will be the first Star Trek streaming movie by Paramount+, and, according to Jonathan Frakes, who joined All Access Star Trek podcast to talk about the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network [via Trekmovie], there could be possibilities moving forward for other Star Trek series to move into film format, including the potential spin-off to Star Trek: Picard that fans have been hoping for.

"“I do know that there’s a lot of positive energy around the Michelle Yeoh Section 31 movie. So that 2-hour format is now on the table for Star Trek going forward.”"

Jonathan Frakes

If a series isn't a possibility at this point, a two-hour Legacy movie could be a great way to get the show underway. One movie doesn't necessarily mean it will be the only movie. It all depends on the success of the movie and whether the actors would be onboard. For instance, Michelle Yeoh has already confirmed to Variety [via Comicbook] that if Section 31 is a success, she'd love to do a sequel.

A Legacy movie is just about guaranteed to be a success. There's no way, with this amount of demand, that it wouldn't be. So this could very well be the way to go to get the spin-off we want. No, it's not a series, but five two-hour movies is one season of a series on streaming nowadays. The only problem is that Paramount+ could possibly only do one movie every two years, and with Section 31 already slated to be its first release (and no set release date at present), a Legacy movie would be a lot further down the road.

Frakes can see things about the franchise that we can't as he's been behind the scenes on almost every series. He know what will work for Trek, and there's no doubt that, with the right producer and director, a Legacy movie would work to satisfy fans...for the time being. But all of the adventures of Captain Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) and her illustrious crew cannot be told in one movie. Still, this would at least put Legacy in front of fans if a series is out of the question.

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