Jonathan Frakes was glad he didn't know about Discovery's cancellation while directing "Lagrange Point"


Jonathan Frakes is a big fan of Star Trek: Discovery and has directed eight episodes over the series five season run, the last of which was episode nine of the final season, "Lagrange Point." He didn't know during production of the episode that it would be the last time he would direct the cast and crew. He has since then been very open about his feelings over the cancellation news even saying he "feels the pain," but he's glad he wasn't aware of the news while he was helming "Lagrange Point."

In an interview he gave CinemaBlend, he said he would have had more tears had he known that was his last time behind the camera.

"I'm, in a way, glad I didn't know when I was shooting the first half of the finale that it was, in fact, the finale because I would have been just, I would’ve have been much tearier than I was. You say goodbye when you're doing a show like this assuming that, ‘I'll see you next year. I'll see you next season, I'll see you in a few months.’ But we didn't know when we shot this finale that it was actually the finale."

Jonathan Frakes

It's difficult enough to say goodbye to friends and co-workers when you know you're leaving a job, but to have it thrown at you so suddenly comes as a shock. It's no wonder Frakes and the cast and crew of Discovery have been shaken over the cancellation. That said, for the most part, they've all handled it with surprising aplomb and grace. That shouldn't come as a surprise considering how Frakes praises series lead Sonequa Martin-Green.

"She comes prepared. Not only does she have her talent and her humor, but she has a spiritual presence that permeates the set. Her kindness is authentic, and it is shared with both sides of the camera up and down the line. And I think if you talk to anybody in the company, you'll find the same thing is true about her. She is authentic in a way that many actors, as you probably know, aren't."

Jonathan Frakes

That kind of presence affects the cast and the crew and sets the tone. At a time when the cast and crew needed strength the most, they easily found it in the series lead. Hopefully, this won't be the last we've seen of Martin-Green on Star Trek.

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