Kate Mulgrew is perfectly fine being typecast as Captain Kathryn Janeway

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Kate Mulgrew spent seven seasons as Captain Kathryn Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager, and she returned as Admiral Janeway in StarTrek: Prodigy. On top of that, she isn't opposed to making a return to live-action Janeway. While some actors might be worried about being typecast in a role, Mulgrew isn't one of them.

In Star Trek Magazine's 25th anniversary special for Star Trek: Voyager, Mulgrew was asked about her life after the popular series as most actors are afraid they won't be able to escape being connected to one character after spending so much time in that character's shoes. Having spent another seven seasons in a much different role, as Galina "Red" Reznikov on Orange is the New Black, Mulgrew clearly hasn't been defined only by her role as Janeway.

And she's thrilled by the legacy of Captain Janeway, telling Star Trek Magazine "that was a complete privilege in the end."

"And by the way, what a legacy to have – Captain Janeway! I’m nothing but pleased by that. That was a complete privilege in the end. So, throw that stigma at me. I’m fine with it. "

Kate Mulgrew

Nothing has slowed Mulgrew down, and she has embraced every aspect of being one of the best captains in Starfleet. Her career has continued to flourish after Voyager ended in 2001, and she told Star Trek Megazine that, over the course of Voyager, there was a "development of a relationship to an actress and a character that very rarely happens in a lifetime or career." Suffice it to say, she fully embraces her time as Captain Janeway.

After a successful season as Admiral Janeway in Prodigy, Mulgrew returns in season two of the animated series, airing on Netflix, hopefully some time this year. And fans are even more hopeful for a continuation of the series and/or a live-action series specifically for Janeway.

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