LeVar Burton wanted his character to revert to his artificial sight in Star Trek: Insurrection

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Geordi LaForge (LeVar Burton) used artificial sight the entirety of the seven-season run of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but in Star Trek: Insurrection, after the crew beams down to Ba'ku, they soon began to revert to their younger selves, with their skin and bodies essentially regenerating. LaForge's sight returns, and for the first time, he doesn't need artificial assistance. It's a powerful moment for the Enterprise's chief engineer, but the effect only lasts as long as he remains on the planet. That was something Burton himself wanted even though it might have disappointed fans.

In Star Trek All Good Things: A Next Generation Companion, Burton revealed that he'd spoken to the producers to make sure that LaForge didn't keep his new sight. He thought the character should go back to the way he'd always seen, and that was because he was at peace with who he was.

"Geordi, more than any of the other ST:TNG characters, is at peace who who he is. He has the least angst or anxiety of any of the characters. The way Geordi sees is a big part of him, so I wanted him to revert to his normal vision at the end of the picture. I think Geordi gaining Human eyes would be a bit like me getting the opportunity to walk around as a white man for a few days. I guarantee that at the end of that time, I would want to go back to being a black man because that's who I am."

LeVar Burton

It's interesting that Burton says Geordi has the least anxiety of any of the characters, but when you look at it, he's right. He was always one of the calmest aboard the Enterprise and didn't have the family issues that the others did. The rest of the crew needed or wanted something, and while LaForge wanted to find love, which he eventually does in his later life, he is, for the most part, happy with who and what he is.

Going back to where he was most comfortable makes sense for Geordi. He didn't need to change to be content, and he didn't see himself as broken so there was nothing to fix. In my opinion, this was an excellent decision, even though I originally wanted Geordi to keep his new sight. Having peace was just a part of who Geordi was.

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