Marina Sirtis says Star Trek: Picard season three wasn't her best work


Season three of Star Trek: Picard is one of the best seasons of Star Trek as it brought the stars of Star Trek: The Next Generation back together and introduced new characters that left an immediate mark on the franchise. Many of the actors are ready to return to Star Trek to continue the stories that began in Picard. But though the season was considered its best, Marina Sirtis, who played Counselor Deanna Troi-Riker, didn't think her time on season three was her best work.

At the 51st Annual Saturn Awards, Trekmovie spoke with Sirtis about Jonathan Frakes' Saturn Award winning turn as Captain Riker in Picard as the actor said it was some of his best work. Sirtis was asked if she felt the same.

" I think Jonathan said that because he got to do stuff that he’d never done before. It was outside the box for him. I don’t think that it was my best work. I don’t think I was in it enough for it to be my best work. But it was fun. It was definitely fun."

Marina Sirtis

Sirtis, who wasn't in the series as much because she has relocated to the United Kingdom, still played a major role leading up to the final scenes of the finale. It was her character who located her husband, Admiral Picard, and Worf and was able to get them to safety. Prior to that, she identified Jack Crusher's ties to the Borg and opened the door to the rest of the story.

Though Sirtis might feel as though this wasn't her best work, her character was actually utilized better in the few scenes she had in Picard than she ever was in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Though Counselor Troi had some "good" scenes in The Next Generation, she never really had great scenes. (Of course, that's just my opinion, and we all know those differ.) But in Picard, she had shining moments that made her character essential to the plot. Without Troi, the overall story would not have worked. The final season of Picard really did Counselor Troi justice and used her Betazoid abilities in the best way possible.

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