Mary Wiseman is staying tight-lipped about Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy is next up but no one is saying much about the show, not even Mary Wiseman.
PaleyFest NY 2017 - "Star Trek: Discovery"
PaleyFest NY 2017 - "Star Trek: Discovery" / Rob Kim/GettyImages

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy is the next show up on the docket to be made. With a more stable future coming, it's very likely that all existing projects at least get completed as the proposed new buyer, Skydance, finalizes everything. With Starfleet Academy, fans are expecting to see a new series that further explores the lore of Star Trek in the 32nd century.

The show doesn't have a lot of details about it just yet, and when CinemaBlend's Mick Joest tried to get some answers from Mary Wiseman, she shut him down. Wiseman is the only name that's officially attached to the project as an actress, with every other name we've heard taking some sort of role behind the camera, like Tawny Newsome. Newsome is a writer on the series but is more known for her role as Becket Mariner on Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Wiseman, on the other hand, is the actress we know who is on the show, at least that's what's been leaked, things could always change. So that's why Joest tried to get some info on the show from her.

Speaking to her recently, Joest asked her about the spinoff, with Wiseman shooting him down instantly;

""Man, don’t try to get me. Don’t you try to get me. We can be friends or we can be enemies [laughs].""

The secrecy around the project continues as there are a lot of moving parts. The series may not be based in the 32nd century and may not be a spinoff of Discovery, or it may. We may just be waiting for Discovery to wrap up to find out the news, as there may be more characters moving over from one show to the other. If the show was going to feature established characters, like Saru for instance, then it may accidentally spoil aspects of Discovery's final season.

So in that sense, it makes sense as to why we haven't heard much about the new show. For those wondering, we haven't heard of Michell Paradise coming over to Starfleet Academy to help lead things. This is a good thing, as Discovery struggled to find a consistent audience in part to her handling of the show.

So Starfleet Academy, right now helmed by Alex Kurtzman, may offer up a fresh new approach to things.