Michelle Hurd believes Star Trek: Legacy can still happen if fans want it


Right now Star Trek: Legacy, the proposed spinoff of Star Trek: Picard's season three, is only a hope with fans and the cast alike. In a recent interview with TVInsider, Michelle Hurd, who portrayed Raffi Musiker on all three seasons of Picard, believes the series can happen with fan demand.

Hurd said she'd love to play Raffi again, and that's certainly understandable as there was much left unexplored with this character. Raffi had a complicated history as a struggling addict estranged from her son. At the end of Picard, there was a possible reconnection with her son, although we didn't see it. But that felt like it was shoehorned in just two slightly wrap up the character. But a character like Raffi can't be wrapped up in a few minutes.

Raffi had several layers to her that went unexplored, and when Star Trek: Picard ended, she had been commissioned as second in command aboard the new Enterprise, serving under Captain Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan). Though we know a Legacy series would be about the adventures of space exploration and the continuing journeys of the USS Enterprise, the newer Star Trek series are giving characters more to work with in forms of backstory and growth. That means Raffi would grow and change even more aboard the Enterprise, and that's a good thing.

"“I love Raffi. She’s my favorite character. We have hands, fingers, everything’s crossed for Star Trek: Legacy. I know that right now they’re working on Section 31 for Michelle Yeoh. And then they’re going to do Starfleet Academy. That’s going to be a series. And then if the fans still want it, they’ll start working on Star Trek: Legacy.”"

Michelle Hurd

Raffi is one of the many characters who deserve more as she didn't get nearly enough time on Picard because the show belonged to Patrick Stewart. With a new show about Captain Seven of Nine and her crew, we'd see a lot more of her and her crew. That is just one more reason why fans will always want Star Trek: Legacy. Let's hope Paramount is in agreement with Hurd after Starfleet Academy launches.

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