More layoffs are coming to Paramount Global, another sign that Star Trek could be on the move

Star Trek's future remains in doubt.
SAG-AFTRA And WGA Strike Continues
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Paramount Global is not doing well. According to Deadline, another round of layoffs is coming to the company as they continue to figure out their next step forward. The company is losing money hand over fist and a lot of that has to do with streaming. Paramount+ and its predecessor CBS All-Access mitigated failures that cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars.

No matter how many eyes they got on their Yellowstone or Star Trek franchises, they never once turned a profit. Not only that, but the majority shareholders, National Amusements, Inc., are looking at potential buyers for their share of the company. If they find someone they like, they will likely sell, putting the future of the company likely in the hands of a private equity firm; aka money vultures.

If that happens, they'll likely start selling off pieces to recoup losses and turn whatever is left into a low-effort, high-revenue cash cow until it bleeds to death after recouping their losses and then they sell it for as much as they can for it. It's what happened with Toys R' Us, it's essentially what happened to Sports Illustrated and if a private equity firm gets ahold of Paramount, it'll happen to it as well.

That means that Star Trek will likely be one of the properties divided up. Likely the new owners would keep the IP but would sell off shows and films, making it so you'd have to purchase subscriptions on other platforms to watch Trek films or shows. It's very likely that the shows would all go to new streaming services as well, as shutting the doors of Paramount+ seems very likely at this point and time.

It's very possible that by 2025 or 2026 Paramount+ will be done, and Star Trek will be on four or five different services. And that's if Star Trek has any new shows for those years, which at this point is a crapshoot as anything can happen over the next 24+ months.

Buckle up, it's going to be a rough year.

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