One major Star Trek star hasn't lost hope for Star Trek 4 just yet

Zoe Saldana isn't done hoping for Star Trek 4.

Star Trek Beyond Mexico Premiere Photocall
Star Trek Beyond Mexico Premiere Photocall / Victor Chavez/GettyImages

Star Trek 4 is as far from happening as the human race is to landing on the sun. The film has been in development for eight years and it has not been close to happening. At least, not really. The film continues to have rumors and supporters but a recent report speculated that the unofficially dubbed Star Trek Origins film is ahead of it in the production window.

The Origins film just got greenlit a few months ago. That type of revelation has shocked many who thought Star Trek 4 was really a possibility. After all, if the Origins film is getting more and more traction, then what hope does Star Trek 4 have? They're not going to have two theatrical releases in different canonical universes. One would have to go to streaming and it seems unlikely that Origins would be straight to streaming (but who knows).

While many have given up hope on Star Trek 4, one name that hasn't is a featured player in the film; Zoe Saldana. Speaking on The Playlist’s Discourse podcast (via TrekMovie), Zaldana spoke warmly about her time playing Nyota Uhura and how she has hopes for a fourth go-around, saying;

"“I still have hope. I had a wonderful experience through and through and through the three times that I was a part of that team.""

It's unlikely that Star Trek 4 will ever actually happen, not with other film projects that are likely going to be less expensive to make already lapping it. That said, the cast for the project is one of the best that Star Trek has ever had, and while we don't expect Star Trek 4 to happen, that doesn't mean we don't want that to be the case.

We'd love a fourth film in the franchise, and maybe even more, we just don't have faith that Paramount has their stuff together anymore to get it done.