One Star Tre: Deep Space Nine character is open to returning to the franchise if Legacy ever happens

Armin Shimerman would be open to reprising Quark on Star Trek: Legacy if called upon.
2018 Star Trek Convention Las Vegas
2018 Star Trek Convention Las Vegas / Albert L. Ortega/GettyImages

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine left an indelible mark on the franchise that has, for years, reverberated with Trek fans everywhere. They told nuanced stories, debuted iconic characters, and crafted additions to their part of the franchise that scores of fans still wholly embrace to this day. One of those additions is a core character of not only the series but of the franchise; Quark.

Quark is among the best and most respected characters that Deep Space Nine has ever created; a layered, interesting, and at times mischievous character that fans latched on to for years and decades to follow. His portrayal by the iconic Armin Shimerman solidified the character as one that fans would long to see more of even after the series came to a close in 1999.

And yet, all these years later, not only are fans still clamoring for him, but so are people who run Star Trek. According to Shimerman himself, Terry Matalas, the head of Star Trek: Picard, kept trying to find ways to bring him, and Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys) back to the franchise before Star Trek: Lower Decks did just that.

Speaking to Screenrant, Shimerman not only highlighted the talks that nearly brought him back to the franchise but revealed that he's open to returning to his role should Matalas' long-rumored Star Trek: Legacy series find traction and get launched, saying;

"Terry Matalas, who was the showrunner for Picard, has oftentimes said to me, and Nana [Visitor] because we’ve been together at the same parties, and said, ‘I would love to have you back
on Picard.’ If there’s a Legacy program, perhaps that will happen. And as I said before, I know, I would certainly say yes, and I’m quite, quite sure Nana I would say yes. I’m quite sure everybody
who can do it would do it."

Shimerman's return to the live-action franchises wouldn't be a huge role, as he's previously stated before, he's not as interested in sitting down to do all the makeup needed to resume the role of Quark, but he may under the right circumstances.

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