Patrick Stewart, Michelle Hurd, and Jonathan Frakes praise Sonequa Martin-Green's impact on Star Trek.


Sonequa Martin-Green and Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Michelle Paradise joined Wil Wheaton, the host of The Ready Room after the finale of Discovery, and Martin-Green was brought to tears by the accolades from three Star Trek alums, all three of whom heaped high praises on the first African-American female captain on Star Trek. [via Screenrant]

Patrick Stewart acknowledged his own shortcomings in the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation while admiring Martin-Green's.

"Sonequa has the qualities which I struggled to achieve during my first season of The Next Generation. She has authority and leadership, but there is also a human being behind that space captain."

Patrick Stewart

Michelle Hurd pointed out Martin-Green's impact on future children of color who could, because of her, can see themselves as a captain one day.

"Sonequa, playing Michael as the captain, the captain, what impact she has done for all these young Brown and Black little girls and boys, that she has given them the permission to be the captain."

Michelle Hurd

Jonathan Frakes focused more on Martin-Green herself rather than her impact on Star Trek, speaking of her generosity, spirituality, and kindness.

"She is, to me, one of my favorite humans; kind, spiritual, present, funny, generous. Sonequa Martin-Green is a gem."

Jonathan Frakes

While there are fans who never liked Captain Michael Burnham or Discovery, both did have a major impact on Star Trek with Discovery opening the door to more Star Trek series like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds as well as the upcoming Section 31 movie. Martin-Green, in her role as the captain, has been described as overly emotional, but she showed a softer side of a captain in Starfleet. While that wasn't entirely welcomed by some fans, others embraced a captain whose authority and leadership came with a kind and gentle spirit.

Though Discovery may never be completely accepted by all Star Trek fans, it did have its place in the franchise, and with Starfleet Academy set in the same timeline, it paved the way for the future officers of Starfleet.

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