Robin Curtis showed true Star Trek spirit by granting a fan's last wish

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Robin Curtis made her debut as Lt. Saavik in the 1984 movie, Star Trek: The Search for Spock, reprising it briefly in the follow-up film, Star Trek: The Voyage Home. Her two appearances earned her the devotion of a multitude of fans, and, according to a story Curtis relayed to while discussing the 40th anniversary of the movie, one of those fans who had met her a convention, was facing the end of his life within a couple of weeks. And he had one last wish—to share a meal with Curtis.

Curtis was contacted by a staff member at the hospital who relayed the man's last wish. He'd been taken off dialysis and had about two weeks to live. When he'd met Curtis at a convention in Ohio in the 1990s, the kindness she showed him remained with him. With the true spirit of a member of the Star Trek family, Curtis didn't hesitate to make the five-hour trip to Cleveland that same day.

She arrived at the hospital that Friday evening, but she didn't just stay for dinner. She was there with him throughout every waking hour of the weekend before leaving on Sunday. Afterwards, she talked with him each day on the phone until he died the following week.

"That was a gift to me, and I'd like to think maybe a small gift to him."

Robin Curtis

She has maintained a connection to the man's family by remaining in contact and developing a friendship with his aunt.

"I'm flabbergasted at the multitude of ways that [Star Trek] has enriched my life. My heart explodes over the tenacity of the fans and how the franchise only gets better and richer. People are very generous and sentimental about [The Search for Spock]."

Robin Curtis

It's stories like this that provide just one reason why Curtis has such a fan following. Not only did she grant the fan's last wish, she went above and beyond and filled his final days with special moments that will never be forgotten by Curtis or his family. dark. Next