Saying goodbye to John G. Trimble, the Star Trek fan who helped save The Original Series

David Livingston/GettyImages

To say John G. Trimble was a fan of Star Trek would be an understatement. He, along with his wife, Bjo, were instrumental in saving Star Trek: The Original Series from cancellation after its second season. Thanks to a massive letter-writing campaign, which was an extraordinary undertaking, the couple and many volunteers helped to bring the series back for a third season.

Trimble, who never lost his love for Star Trek, passed away on April 19th, according to a Facebook post by his daughter, Lora Boehm. remembered Trimble in a post that not only detailed his contributions to The Original Series but his continued dedication to the franchise with him and his wife continuing to attend conventions and premieres, the latest of which was the 2023 Star Trek: Picard season 3 red carpet premiere in Hollywood.

According to Lora, John and Bjo were "amabassadors of science fiction for over fifty-eight years" and would have celebrated 64 years of marriage in July. In 2016, the couple was brought onstage at the 50th anniversary celebration of Star Trek at Star Trek Las Vegas and were honored with a painted portrait of themselves inside a combadge from JK Woodward. Just one more reminder that Star Trek would never forget the couple who ignited the franchise.

Those who will always remember John Trimble for being a vocal supporter of Star Trek, and using his voice (and hands) to save what would become a legendary franchise, have taken to social media to express their sorrow.

It's not out of line to say that we owe the success of Star Trek to the Trimbles. Without them, Star Trek: The Original Series wouldn't have seen a third season. Farewell, John Trimble. May you rest in peace. We here at Red Shirts Always Die send our condolences to Bjo and her family and will remember John always for his contributions to science fiction and the cause of Star Trek.

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