Seth MacFarlane offers another positive update on the fate of The Orville


Information about the status of The Orville has been limited since it aired its season three finale In August of 2022. Though the series hasn't been officially cancelled, according to creator and star, Seth MacFarlane, neither has it been officially renewed for a fourth season. But, in this instance, the old adage of "no news is good news" might actually be true.

MacFarlane, in a recent interview on Logically Speaking [via Screenrant], was asked about the status of the series and whether he had any updates about a potential season four. MacFarlane's response was short and sweet.

"We're working on it."

Seth MacFarlane

The comment actually gives us a lot of information. MacFarlane saying "we're working on it" means there are people who are actively trying to get this show back to the air for a fourth season. It means The Orville isn't in limbo; there are potentially actual talks happening and conversations about budgets and contracts. And it also says that the door has not been closed for a renewal of the series. As long as people are talking and working on it, there's hope.

Does this mean we'll get a fourth season? No, but it's much better to know that something is being worked on behind the scenes than to know that it's in stasis with absolutely nothing being done. MacFarlane has made it clear that he and the cast of The Orville want to return to the series, with the possible exception of Adrianne Palicki. And fans have made it clear that we'll be there for another season (and however many additional ones we're given). Right now, we'll have to wait as we've continued to do for the past seventeen months, but we don't have to keep silent. Let's continue to let our voices be heard on social media with #renewtheorville!

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