Seth MacFarlane says The Orville isn't dead and offers hope for the future


Finally, there's a bit of good news for fans of The Orville, which wrapped its season three run in 2022. Fans have been on social media with #renewtheorville tags, and with no information incoming, some have assumed the worst. But Seth MacFarlane, creator and star of the sci-fi series, gave us the tiniest ray of hope in a recent interview with The Wrap (via IGN}.

MarFarlane said there is no death certificate for the series, which, of course means it hasn't been cancelled. He added that the series was "still with us" but clarified that he couldn't go any further than that because there are too many factors at play. We already know cost is one of those factors as The Orville is an expensive show to produce. But knowing that the series hasn't been officially cancelled is a big boost to those of us waiting for renewal news.

The Orville series star, Scott Grimes, also weighed in to back up MacFarlane's words. He said he knew "we are still talking about it." He added that the show wasn't dead in any way, and that it was a matter of when, where, how, and building the stuff again. Presumably that means all of the sets have been dismantled.

Grimes went on to say that he is excited because The Orville is one of the greatest things to work on, adding that he had his fingers crossed.

"And I know Seth wants to do it and that usually holds a lot of power. And I hope he gets to because it’s one of his babies that he just loves and it’s a blast to work on.""

Scott Grimes

So this at least gives us The Orville fans a sliver of hope to hang on to. With both MacFarlane and Grimes saying the show hasn't been put out to pasture and that talks are still ongoing, we can take that as a good sign that we might get to see a season four after all!

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