Seven seasons of Star Trek: Prodigy have been planned


If all goes well, Star Trek: Prodigy could be the first show to get seven seasons since Star Trek: Voyager

The first season of Star Trek: Prodigy will release on Netflix on Christmas Day. That will be followed by season two sometime in 2024, which is right around the corner. Based upon viewer interest and more Netflix subscribers, it's possible the sereis could be renewed for not only a third season but beyond. And according to the creators of the series, Dan and Kevin Hageman, they have already planned out seven full seasons. In fact, Kevin told Collider that they had written the series to go seven seasons at least. {via Trekmovie}

Though Dan told CinemaBlend they weren't currently making season three, they could. He doesn't see a definitive end to the series. [via Trekmovie] Both creators are excited about where the show could go past season two, and they're leaving threads in each season that can be picked up in the next season.

Star Trek: Prodigy's renewal depends upon how well-received the series is by Netflix viewers.

We already know there are a lot of Prodigy fans who will follow the show to Netflix, but will that be enough for a season three renewal? Or will more subscribers need to join before the streaming channel will consider investing more money in the animated series?

One good thing is that Netflix executives do know that Prodigy is coming with a built-in audience, but that viewership needs to grow as Netflix has no qualms about cancelling shows. With the time and energy it took to find this series a new home, fans don't want to have to go through that again. So our jobs aren't over. Once Prodigy premieres on Netflix, we'll need to spread the word and keep letting people know that this is the show to watch!

dark. Next. Two Star Trek: Prodigy tie-in novels will release in January. Two Star Trek: Prodigy tie-in novels will release in January