Sonequa Martin-Green's perfect response to those who think Star Trek: Discovery is too emotional


Star Trek: Discovery has as many fans as it does detractors. There are those that complain the series has strayed too far away from what Star Trek is as well as those who don't like Captain Michael Burnham's propensity for tears. They think she has been too emotional throughout the series. On the heels of wrapping up its five season run on Paramount+, Ian Spelling, writing for Star Trek Explorer #11, talked with Sonequa Martin-Green about all the tears and what she has to say about those fans who do think Discovery has been emotional.

Martin-Green said she actually understood why some people felt that way. It's all about the position where you are in life and taking those "painful steps" to journey forward. And if a person isn't there or they might not think such a journey is "necessary," then it's understandable there not going to want to see all of that unfolding on their screens.

Captain Burnham did have a lot of drama that brought on the tears, but as she grew into who she was and accepted her position in life and where she was, the tears didn't come on as often. Martin-Green explained that it was an arc.

"This might sound funny or weird, but I actually understand why some people might feel that way. When I step back and look at it objectively, if you're not in a position of confrontation in your own life where you're not taking those painful steps forward, if that's not where you are in your journey, and if that's not something you even believe is necessary, then you're not going to want to see someone going through that." "

Sonequa Martin-Green

Martin-Green said a man approached her at a convention and said "I need you to stop crying, okay? Enough of the crying. Can you stop crying?" She responded by saying "You know what? As soon as they stop giving me something to cry about, I will." Frankly put, the situations Burnham found herself in may have called for tears at the time.

"I love that as the series progressed-and like I spoke about before, when that actualization started happening and Burnham started to accept her true identity-you see the tears decrease. You see the arc of it.""

Sonequa Martin-Green

Captain Burnham wasn't Captain Kirk or Captain Picard. She addressed situations differently as we all do, and while some captains handled issues in a stoic manner, she let her emotions out. And there is no right or wrong to that. It was just her reaction, how she felt at the moment. And now, she's become a captain that many fans will miss and hope to see again in the future.

For the complete interview, pick up a copy of Star Trek Explorer #11 when it goes on sale April 9th.

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