Star Trek: Discovery brought back a major character from a former show but failed to make it worthwhile

The Kovich reveal in Star Trek: Discovery fails to hit the mark.
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Star Trek: Discovery wanted to be bigger than it was. It was a poorly conceived idea and instead of rethinking things early, they just tried to perch on the shoulders of better shows to get noticed. They did everything they could to include other series into their lore. In doing so, they tried to hide some of its biggest weaknesses behind better-established lore.

It didn't work and all we're stuck with is the knowledge that Spock had a sister no one knew about and no one wanted. The show's meddling didn't stop there, however. They continually tried to harvest other show concepts to make fans forget that what they were watching was a mediocre show and a poor example of a Star Trek series. It started early, with the very first episode (Spock's sister is series star Michael Burnham), and went all the way to the finale of the series.

In the final episode of Discovery, we finally get the long-awaited answer to who the mysterious Kovich actually is. For those who don't remember, Kovich is played by famed director David Cronenberg. Cronenberg's character was a quiet secret on the show, and no one had an idea who he was. He was someone who had a lot of pull with the remnants of the Federation come the 31st century. However, the reason why wasn't fully explored.

While we didn't know exactly who he was, there were many theories, many of which were thrown out the window at the end of Sar Trek: Discoveries run. In the final episode of the series, we find out who Kovich is. It's revealed that the man with seemingly no backstory was a man with a deep one as Kovich is Star Trek: Enterprise character Daniels.

For those who don't remember, Daniels was a time traveler during the events of Enterprise who came back in time to help Scott Bakula's character, Jonathan Archer, fight an enemy from the future. He was a minor character, who played a moderate role in a major storyline. Did the fans love him? Not really, but his involvement with Archer's future war storyline did have a lot of people compelled as to how it would all play out.

It never did and fans gave up every seeing the end of many Enterprise's lingering plot points.

No one expected that Discovery would hamfest an Enterprise plot point into their series. So you'd think there'd be a different reveal with Kovich. A ground-shaking Earth-shattering one that recontextualizes everything we know about Discovery and the show at large. Instead, we got a cheap reveal that ties Discovery to yet another show that fans better prefer.

The Daniels reveals is slapped together and makes no sense. There was no real hint that Kovich was Daniels, making the reveal unearned and done for shock value. Not only that but because the 31st century we see in Discovery is nothing like we heard about in Enterprise, it's entirely possible that the future that Daniels came from no longer exists.

Making the Kovich-is-Daniels reveal even harder to stomach. It felt like this wasn't built at all, and was just done to poorly tie Discovery to yet another series. Making the call a bad one.