Star Trek: Enterprise star seems to agree with fans about the weak Kovich reveal

Star Trek: Enterprise's Dominic Keating was no fan of Discovery's finale.
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Star Trek fans continue to have a mix reaction to the conclusion of Sar Trek: Discovery. Seems fitting, as it remains one of the least-liked shows by Trek fans from the start. So why not have issues with the ending as well? While the general premise of the final season is pretty reviled and the over-emphasis on emotions solving problems certainly got fans up, there is one other issue that peeved people off.

The reveal that the mysterious Kovich is actually Agent Daniels from Star Trek: Enterprise. It felt like a cheap tie-in with a better series, done just to raise the profile of Discovery. It was more fan service for the sake of fan service, which is in itself a reason to not trust Alex Kurtzman's most recent comments on the matter.

Kurtzman is all about standing on the shoulders of past shows to try and get his properties more attention. It's not worked too well and all it's really done is water down the franchise, taint memories and past series, and insulate the community from growing beyond the current fandom. After all, what fan wants to watch over 600 episodes of a franchise just to truly understand one throw-away-reference?

We're not the only ones who hated this reveal, however, as Dominic Keating despised the moment in the series finale. Keating of course, played Malcolm Reed on Enterprise and was one of the standout characters on the series. He recently teed off on the reveal, saying to TrekNews.Net;

"That pissed me off, I gotta say. Well, only the last bit. [Kovich] turns out to be f—ing Daniels. I mean, really? That was a slap in the face...

...They underused us, I think. And Christ knows, I’ve watched Enterprise now twice, and if I can understand that temporal timeline storyline… I still haven’t got a clue what the f— was going on.

But the fact that they referenced Daniels at the end of Discovery was like, “Whatever.” (laughs)."

Keating also made it clear that some from Enterprise are still bitter and resentful that the franchise has just seemingly passed the series over. It's a fair complaint because Keating seems to be madder that famed body-horror director David Cronenberg ultimately replaced Matt Winston, the man who played the character on Enterprise.

Considering Kurtzman has explored every other series, almost to exhaustion, it's not unfair to be upset that your series and your show continue to be overlooked.