Star Trek had a great little moment in one famous Muppets movie

Star Trek somehow cameoed in a Muppets movie.
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Over the holiday break, we decided to take a look at some films we hadn't seen in some time. While many Christmas and holiday-themed movies made the list, one that snuck in there that had nothing to do with the season was Muppets In Space. After enjoying A Muppet's Christmas Carol so much, how could we not enjoy some more fantastic Muppet adventures?

Well, it was a great idea as it holds up so well. Maybe even better than when it came out. It was a slapstick affair that told the backstory of Gonzo, the first alien in Muppet's history. It was a beautiful tale about the family you have and the family you make along the way. A lovely experience that everyone should take part in at least once.

The story sees Gonzo making contact with his alien brethren through breakfast cereal and after being struck by lightning, prompting the government to try and abduct him. The head of this nefarious agency is K. Edgar Singer, played by Jeffrey Tambor. Singer's obsessed with capturing aliens, to the point that after Gonzo escapes his clutches, he arrives at the meeting spot between Gozno and the aliens with the intent of doing harm to Gonzo and his new-found family.

A misdirect by a talking bear in a suit (who steals the film by the way), causes the attempt on Gonzo's life to be seen as a comedy act by the aliens, who then invite Singer with them to space. During this offer, Singer begins a monlogue, and as he delivers it, the theme from Star Trek: The Next Generation can be heard building behind his voice.

"To boldly go where no man has gone before? ...To travel the stars like a modern-day Magellan?
To be up there with John Glenn...Neil Armstrong."

Considering that the show had been off for some six years at this point, and the series was heading into Star Trek: Nemesis territory not long after the film, to hear this piece of music being used is a great treat. Especially since the series of the day was Star Trek: Voyager (which also has amazing theme music).

Even in the late 90s, everyone was aware of just how iconic The Next Generation and its music truly was.

Muppets in Space is great, even without the Star Trek cameo in there, so give it a watch if you don't have anything else to do this week.

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