Star Trek legend William Shatner seems tragically alone as he ages

Star Trek icon William Shatner admits to being lonely as he gets older.
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There'd be no Star Trek without William Shatner. The man helped carry the banner of the franchise for nearly 30 years. Starting with the original series in 1966, and last appearing 28 years in the 1994 film, Star Trek Generations. Since then, Shatner has all but refused to return as James T. Kirk, despite there being ideas for him to do just that. Yet, Shatner hasn't returned, even if most of his former castmates have at some point.

As time goes by, however, most of those actors and actresses who shared the screen with Shatner have passed away. Of the starring actors, only Shatner, Walter Koenig, and George Takei are still with us. They've outlived their series co-stars and even most of the actors and actresses who were background talent or single-episode guest stars.

Now, Shatner is all but alone. Even though Koenig and Takei are still alive, they aren't speaking to Shatner. It sounds like most people aren't. Shatner told SFX magazine recently (via, that he didn't have any real friends left.

""I've come to the conclusion that everybody is lonely. When you get older you think 'My God... all those people I knew that I thought were friends are dead'.

...I'm alone – I'm going to die alone.""

Shatner is not in a great place, as you'd think a man who's married (having reconciled with his wife Elizabeth in 2023), still quite healthy considering he's 93, and still able to work would be a bit more optimistic about life. Yet, he seems to be far from happy.

He's been very blunt about his time left. He's admitted on camera that he knows he isn't long for this world, and it seems as though the years have taken a lot out of him. His legacy as a sci-fi legend is secured, but we're hoping that Shatner can have a bounce back at some point.

No one should have to deal with the heavy toll of being lonely, and we're hopeful that Shatner can find some comfort and companionship in his world.