Star Trek: Picard could've had a major Star Wars actress had it not been for one show

Star Trek: Picard nearly had a major name pop up as a surprise alien.
Star Wars: Ahsoka Emmy FYC Event
Star Wars: Ahsoka Emmy FYC Event / Jesse Grant/GettyImages

Star Trek and Star Wars are two of, if not, the two biggest science fiction franchises ever. The sheer amount of money that each property has produced alone makes them juggernauts in their field. Yet, the longevity of each franchise is also special. Star Wars is nearing 50 years old (47) having debuted in 1977. While Star Trek is nearing 60 years old (58), with the first episode premiering in 1966.

These are franchises that stretch across decades, flowing in and out of generations, with fans ranging from all ages. Yet, there doesn't seem to be a lot of crossover between the two franchises. None of the iconic captains have ever popped up in Star Wars, while none of the original stars have ever sniffed a Star Trek cameo role.

Despite this, fans are encouraged by both franchises to embrace one another. With that, the star of the recent "Ahsoka" television show revealed that had it not been for the aforementioned series, she would've been on Star Trek: Picard as a Changeling. Appearing at the FAN EXPO Boston (via The Telegram), Dawson brought up the fact that she was originally set to feature in Picard as one of the core villains. Possibly even instead of Amanda Plummer.

Dawson would go on to say;

"“I could have been one of Odo’s species, the changeling. I could have been an immortal puddle guys. Do you understand my pain (she said clenching her eyes tight). That would have been really cool.""

Dawson would've been a great fit on Picard. She's already spoken at length about wanting to play a new Q character, once again bringing it up at the fan event, so she's aware of the franchise and its lore. Having her involved would be a serious get for the franchise. While historically Star Trek has scouted lesser-known stars, mainly with theater experience, in more recent years they've started chasing after the who's who of Hollywood.

The most current show in development, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, will feature Holly Hunter and Paul Giamatti as series leads. So Dawson would fit in with this new push for major names.