Star Trek: Picard had the idea to bring Naomi Wildman back for its final season

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Naomi Wildman appeared in seventeen episodes of Star Trek: Voyager and developed a relationship with Jeri Ryan's Seven of Nine. And Star Trek: Picard showrunner, Terry Matalas, had an idea to bring a grown-up Naomi to the final season of Picard. She would have been much different than the innocent young girl aboard Voyager as she would have been a member of the Fenris Rangers and much harder than even Seven of Nine.

According to Matalas during a Master Replicas Collectors Club Zoom chat in February [via Trekmovie], they even reached out to the actress, Scarlett Pomers, in anticipation of bringing her back to the Star Trek fold. And had the series had thirteen episodes to wrap up all the storylines, it would have almost been a guarantee that Pomers would have been written into the series, but with only ten episodes, the storytelling had to be tighter so bringing Naomi back didn't come to fruition.

"“There was an episode once the Titan was on the run and it needed to hide. And so we had this idea of Seven bringing them to sort of like space Tortuga, like spacedock for pirates where the Fenris Rangers were. And she gets help from an older Naomi Wildman who had also followed in her footsteps as a Fenris Ranger and was a badass. But Seven realizes she sort of created a monster because Naomi had become harder than she was. And so it was it was a Seven/Naomi story. We broke the story and we had reached out to the actress who played Naomi [Scarlett Pomers]. But it just didn’t feel—if you had 13 episodes, you were doing this for sure. But if you had 10, you’re like, ‘I need to get to LeVar.’ It’s time to get there.”"

Terry Matalas

Seeing a different sidie of Naomi Wildman would have been an interesting twist, especially since Seven of Nine had led the charge into the Fenris Rangers. She would have obviously felt responsible for Naomi's path and possibly even tried to make her see the light of day, as it were. It would have given us the chance to see Seven of Nine in a different capacity, more like a mother figure who is trying to convince Naomi to choose a different way.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll see Scarlett Pomers back on Star Trek as she has mostly retired from acting after her role on Reba, according to an interview she gave, and, as of 2014, was focusing mainly on photography and jewelry design.

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