Star Trek: Picard's 2nd season had a reference to Star Trek: Voyager that everyone missed

Picard and Voyager came together to tie their series together.
IMAX "Picard" Screening
IMAX "Picard" Screening / Jesse Grant/GettyImages

Star Trek: Picard's third season was one large homage to the past and fans loved it. It became the most beloved season of the franchise and remains one of the most watched seasons of any of the Nu Trek shows since Star Trek: Discovery first launched. That all said, it was a dramatic departure from what the first two seasons were.

While some cast members returned, the first two seasons of Picard were largely about telling a new story with new characters and new endings. But that didn't mean that the past was forgotten about at all. While we did get the return of Guinan and Will Riker, we wouldn't call those easter eggs, not like the smorgasbord we got from the third season of Picard.

But if you were paying attention, you may have seen that there were in fact some Easter eggs for fans to enjoy in season two. Specifically one that connected Picard with Star Trek: Voyager's time-travel two-parter; "Future's End".

In the episodes, we meet Rain Robinson, a scientist from the 1990s on Earth, who meets the Voyager crew and helps them retrieve stolen technology. Robinson, played by Sarah Silverman, was pretty inconsequential, or so we thought.

In the second season of Picard, we meet Adam Soong, the earliest known Soong we meet in the franchise. The Soongs were huge in the development of robotics, with eventually his descendent Noonien Soong creating the android Data. Adam, however, wasn't the same kind of benevolent creator that his family would become. Instead, Adam was quite deranged and his behavior caused a lot of rules to be changed during the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s.

In fact, it's actually his early years that seem to have connected him to Voyager, as he and Rain Robinson have the same snow globe in their offices. With set designer David Blass going on to describe the move as intentional (via ScreenRant), as away to tie both Adam Soong and Rain Robinson together in a prior romance, saying;

"I put in a little snow globe that would have been on Sarah Silverman‘s desk in her office and we put that in Soong‘s lab, with the idea being ‘Ooh! Maybe they had a thing together and Soong gave it to her.’ I’m like, ‘Here’s a deep dive for all you people.’

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