Star Trek: Picard's Patrick Stewart revealed he's supposed to be getting a movie script


Patrick Stewart has said that he wants one more movie with Star Trek: Picard's Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, and it looks like he could be getting his wish.

When Star Trek: Picard ended its three season run last year, the series left an opening for a spin-off with Captain Seven of Nine and the rest of her crew to continue on with new adventures. That could include the reappearance of some legacy characters such as Admiral Picard and Captain Riker, but Stewart, has another idea in mind for his character.

In an interview with Wired last year while discussing his memoir, "Making It So," [via Comicbook] the actor stated that he wants one more goodbye with Admiral Picard because there were two moments in the series that unveiled parts of PIcard we never saw on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

""Well, it would be: Let's explore further the inside of this man's head. His fears, his anger, his frustration, his questioning all of those things. There is a moment, I'm not quite sure where it comes in the series … Well, there are two moments. One is when Picard doesn't know what to do. He's stumped. And we never saw that in The Next Generation. There is also a moment when he is truly fearful. And those two pointers alone, I think, make him an interesting study for one more movie."

"I think we could do a movie, a Picard-based movie. Now not necessarily at all about Picard but about all of us. And to take many of those wonderful elements, particularly from Season 3 of Picard, and take out of that what I think could be an extraordinary movie. I keep telling people and mentioning it, and so far there's been no eager response, but it might well happen. And that would be I think a very appropriate way to say, 'And goodbye folks.'""

Patrick Stewart

That one more movie could be happening as Patrick Stewart, while talking with Josh Horowitz for Happy Say Confused, Stewart said he's supposed to be getting a new script. 

""After we finished recording our seven seasons of Next Generation, we made four movies, one after the other. Star Trek movies of varying qualities, the best one being the one directed by Jonathan Frakes [Star Trek: First Contact], who was one of the people who had the most influence on me, on the show, because of his experience and his understanding of the complexities and how bringing different qualities on to the stage floor was very, very important. Diversity, you know, and change. So it's an ongoing procedure for me, and I heard only last night about a script that is being written but written specifically with the actor Patrick to play in it and I've been told to expect to receive it within a week or so, and I'm so excited because it sounds like the kind of project where the experimentation that I want to do will be essential for this kind of material." "

Patrick Stewart

So while we don't yet know what the script is about, it certainly does sound like we may get to see Admiral Picard one more time. Since the script is being written for Stewart specifically, it should be the great send-off he's looking forward to, which means, we'll also get to see the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation again. That final goodbye he wants may end up being a goodbye from all of them, especially if we never hear anything pertaining to Star Trek: Legacy.

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