Star Trek: Picard stars still hopeful that spinoff idea, "Legacy', ends up happening

Star Trek: Picard stars are still hopeful that the spinoff idea, Star Trek: Legacy, will happen.

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Star Trek fans haven't had a lot of good news in recent months. From Star Trek: Discovery being canceled, to the strikes that shut down Hollywood, and now the current upheaval at Paramount Global, the fans have had a rough year. Despite the difficult times that they've endured, many are still optimistic that the franchise will turn the corner despite the possible sale of Trek's parent company.

One of those ideas that fans are sinking their teeth into, and hoping happens is the Star Trek: Picard spinoff Star Trek: Legacy, which would feature characters like Seven of Nine and Jack Crusher back for another adventure. Possibly featuring the mischievous Q as the main antagonist for Jack, as was hinted at in the Picard finale.

So far nothing has been announced, and the endless supply of money that Paramount+ was using to create Star Trek shows has dried up. Now more made-for-streaming films are being considered, which may be the trend going forward, especially with no real news on a new show happening. The news wire has been dead ever since Star Trek: Starfleet Academy was announced.

That's been nearly a year, and so far nothing. The strikes and Paramount Global's money issues may have quietly killed the show for all we know. Despite new shows seemingly having stalled out for now, Picard stars are still as optimistic as fans as they believe Legacy will happen.

Speaking to TrekMovie at the 2024 Saturn Awards, Michelle Hurd and Todd Staswich sounded off on whether Legacy will happen, with Stashwick saying;

"It’s all speculation. It’s “Schrödinger’s Legacy,” right? There’s a future where it happens and there’s a future where it doesn’t happen. I swear I have been told nothing. I can only be hopeful because I would love to keep telling stories."

Followed by Hurd;

"I’m hoping they’re going to do it. I’m trying to manifest it and just put it out there. Because I really feel like it’s something that has to happen."

It seems both talents' are unsure of the show's future but are optimistic. Considering how messy Paramount has been over the last few years, it's very likely no one knows if the show is going to or not happen.

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