Star Trek: Prodigy creator's one wish for the two seasons of the series


Star Trek: Prodigy season one is now streaming on Netflix, and we can look forward to the second season later on this year as well. Season two, like season one, will consist of twenty episodes, but each of those episodes are approximately twenty minutes in length. So just when you're getting into the action, it's over. It can be difficult to extend a dramatic moment in such a short amount of time as well.

Prodigy creator, Kevin Hageman, in a discussion at Trek Talk's Producing Trek Panel, [via Screenrant], incorporated that into his one wish for the first two seasons of the series.

"As I look back on Prodigy, my one wish would be: I wish we could have had longer episodes. To be able to do a 40-minute episode, it would have allowed us to sit on moments longer and dramatize stuff even more. Because right now, it’s just so fast."

Kevin Hageman

Looking back, there are several pivotal moments in the series which would have benefited from an extension of time. When Captain Janeway stays behind aboard the Protostar, sacrificing herself to save the others and Starfleet is one in particular that comes to mind allong with the young crew's reaction to her sacrifice. Those dramatic moments could have been extended, allowing the viewers to really feel what the crew was feeling.

Star Trek: Prodigy doesn't only teach about Star Trek. Viewers can learn more about friendship, teamwork, dedication, determination, loss and grief. Having more time to expound on these topics and dramatic moments would greatly benefit the viewers. Of course, this won't happen in season two, but it could possibly happen in season three if Prodigy gets renewed. Kevin Hageman isn't the only one who'd like to see this become a reality. Here's hoping Netflix not only renews the series but expands the episodes to allow more character growth, more dramatic license, and just more overall.

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