Star Trek: Prodigy creators are seeking clarification of series early release in France


France-based Star Trek: Prodigy fans were only too happy to discover that all twenty episodes of the series' second season were available on French national broadcaster ‘France Télévisions.' Not only is this in advance of a US release, it was without the knowledge of the creators who have admitted this is a puzzle.

Taking to Twitter/X to explain their silence on the surprising release, Dan and Kevin Hageman apologized for their lack of commentary, saying they were still trying to get the puzzle pieces together. Their post was retweeted by executive producer Aaron Waltke, adding the unspoken message that they weren't the only ones seeking clarification.

The early release has confused fans as well, and many have taken to social media to ask that no spoilers be revealed online as we still don't have an anticipated release date for the series in the United States on Netflix.

Fans offered their support to the Hagemans and stressed how much they were looking forward to watching Prodigy when it became available, but one fan admitted to watching the entire second season. Paul O'Kelly heaped praises upon the season, calling it "absolutely amazing" and thanked the creators profusely before promising not to reveal anything about the season.

Another fan, Le Quadrant Pop, posted that the early release was not a "leak," adding that in the podcast, they explain "the international broadcasting mechanisms." Along with that, they share the official response from France TV.

Even though this wasn't a leak, it still stands to reason that those behind-the-scenes of Prodigy, the ones responsible for the show's existence, should have been made aware of the impending international release before it actually happened. Whatever the reason, fans are adamanat that they don't want to know anything about the second season until they can watch it themselves!

Next. Why fans are excited about the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy is no mystery. Why fans are excited about the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy is no mystery. dark