Star Trek's Barbara Baldavin passes away at age 85

Albert L. Ortega/GettyImages

Barbara Baldavin played two roles on Star Trek: The Original Series, the first of which was Ensign Angela Martine, a phasers control officer who was supposed to marry Lt. Robert Tomlinson (Stephen Mines) at the beginning of Balance of Terror. Their wedding is interrupted, and, unfortunately, due to a battle with the Romulans, Lt. Tomlinson dies. The episode concludes with a touching scene between Martine and Captain Kirk (William Shatner).

Baldavin would return in the next episode "Shore Leave" as the same character and then in the series finale, "Turnabout Intruder" playing a communications officer. Though her parts were small, she was, and always will be, a part of the Star Trek family. And this family is mourning the loss of Baldavin as the 85-year-old passed away on Sunday at her Manhattan Beach home from congestive heart failure, according to her son, Marc D'Agosta. [via CBR]

Baldavin would go on to find success playing Nurse Holmby on the popular 1970s drama, Medical Center. After that series ended in 1976, she continued her acting career with guest stints on such series as Barnaby Jones, Charlie's Angels, Fantasy Island, and Quincy, M.E. Her final onscreen role was in the 1993 horror film, Skeeter. Along with acting, Baldavin was also a casting director for series like Trapper John, M.D. Square Pegs, and Finder of Lost Loves.

Baldavin is survived by her two sons, Marc and Joseph, and her two grandchildren, Casandra and Justine. Red Shirts Always Die extends our deepest condolences to her family.