Star Trek's new film will explore the first contact with aliens and fans are mad

Star Trek will be re-doing First Contact to an extent and fans aren't happy.
1996 Michael Dorn stars in the new movie "Star Trek: First Contact".
1996 Michael Dorn stars in the new movie "Star Trek: First Contact". / Getty Images/GettyImages

New details about the upcoming Star Trek film are starting to come out and fans should be wary of what's to come. Apparently, the newest Star Trek prequel film, which proceeds Star Trek's 2009 story, will focus on the Kelvin Timeline's version of First Contact. The film is alleged to be set "around" whatever constitutes modern times while focusing on the creation of Starfleet and the first contact between mankind and aliens.

Essentially setting the events of First Contact some 40 years sooner. This, as The Hollywood Reporter cites a source that claims Simon Kinberg of X-Men fame is joining the project as a producer.

While it is set in an entirely different universe, Star Trek fans have come out swinging online, with too many to count enraged at yet another reboot idea taking center stage in a franchise known for its progressive ideologies.

One fan pointed out that the franchise was "unimaginative" with this idea.

Even TrekCore, a usually very pro-Trek account is a bit surprised that this is the direction the franchise is going in.

More fans than them are upset as well, with one saying;

"This film already exists and it’s titled First Contact. Also, there’s a whole tv series called Enterprise that shows the creation of Starfleet. How many times are we going to be told the same stories? Thank you, but no. I’m not interested in this film."

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While others are pointing out that the person taking over this part of the franchise, Kinberg is known for his bombs at the box office. Having taken over X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the film that killed that X-Men franchise, a lot of fans are unable to look past his epic failure. Rightfully pointing out that he's failed too often to have faith in at this point.

Even other fans are pointing out that the film will be just another reboot, highlighting Enterprise and others are asking why we're getting this type of film when no one is asking for it.

While even more are making sure to meme this situation to a new level.

It's beyond clear that most fans seem to be turned off by the idea, and frankly, I don't disagree. The film franchise has been underwhelming for most since the 2009 film and while the originality of the 2016 sequel, Beyond, the film didn't do well with the general audiences.

Now, the idea is to do more rehashed ideas, that the fandom clearly doesn't want. It can be as original as can be, but if you lose the fandom this early, it doesn't matter how good it is, you've already turned off a sizeable chunk of potential viewers

We'll wait to truly pass judgment on it until we see more of the film's ideas and the like, but for now, we're unimpressed.