Star Trek's streaming home may in fact be merged with another

Paramount+ may be gone sooner rather than later.
Star Trek: Picard –The Final Season. Image courtesy Paramount Home Entertainment
Star Trek: Picard –The Final Season. Image courtesy Paramount Home Entertainment /

Star Trek's parent company, Paramount Global, may have a new majority owner if the deal with Skydance Media progresses as expected. They're hoping to land the brand to further expand their own studio, thereby giving themselves one of the larest portfolios possible. They're on board with making new shows and movies but the one thing they haven't revealed yet is their views on the streaming side of things with Paramount+.

The streaming platform has never turned a profit since originally launching as CBS All-Access nearly a decade ago in October of 2014. Since then, Paramount and CBS merged with Viacom and renamed their streaming service Paramount+. While subscriber counts have grown, they're still losing money hand over fist, to the point that the service may never turn a profit.

A truly head-spinning concept considering they carry NFL games on a weekly basis. A recent report from Bloomberg has highlighted the possibility that the streaming service may not be long for the world. While The New York Times states the idea is to "supercharge the service";

"The plan calls for Skydance to supercharge Paramount’s streaming capabilities, improving personalization with better algorithmic recommendations and making it more efficient through better deals with data providers."

Bloomberg paints a far less rose picture, suggesting that a merger may be in order;

"“...preserve the Paramount+ streaming service and explore merging it with a peer, such as Peacock or Max."

As long as Paramount+ doesn't merge with Peacock, a union isn't the worst idea. Max makes an ideal partner, as they're lacking a lot of potential content, and combining it with Paramount+'s catalog, which includes CBS, Nickelodeon, and Showtime, would give Max a lot of new content.

However, that would also mean that rival companies like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network may be too close for many, which could cause someone to file an injunction to try and stop a potential monopoly from occurring.

That's just speculation though. The best company to merge with may be Sling or Fubo TV. A big provider, but one that doesn't have the same ties to broadcast television as Peacock and Max have.