Star Trek should just focus on doing a major crossover for their next film

I mean, why not?
Star Trek Beyond Asia Tour - Beijing Press Conference
Star Trek Beyond Asia Tour - Beijing Press Conference / Emmanuel Wong/GettyImages

Star Trek has had a lot of failed movie ideas over the last eight or so years. Ever since Star Trek: Beyond came out in 2016, the film franchise has been dead in the water. There are allegedly four films in the work, with only Section: 31 actually in production, but the franchise wants fans to know that they’re in fact working on new films. Except, the core of the franchise, the Kelvin Universe, has no traction on the fourth film in the franchise. 

The franchise is so desperate to do something that they greenlit a prequel film in the Kelvin timeline, but with no further details revealed. There’s allegedly a fourth film in the works that could be for Paramount+, but right now it’s only speculation. 

Regardless, the core of the film franchise is the fourth Kelvin film featuring Chris Pine and company. It’s been stuck in limbo and even Chris Pine has come out and said that the film has no real progress. The script is apparently being re-worked again and despite everyone’s desire to do a fourth film, there is just no traction. Mostly, as it seems, due to the script.

An easy enough idea to fix. Now, let’s be clear, we’re not saying this is the best option to take, just the easiest one; but just do the Avengers of Star Trek. 

Star Trek 2009, the first film of the Kelvin Timeline, essentially started this, bringing in Leonard Nimoy’s Spock, also known as the original Spock from the 1960s and its subsequent film franchise. So we know that the two universes have the ability to crossover, so why not actually go with that concept? Yes, it’s very lazy but all we’re trying to do is get the franchise off the proverbial couch and go for a walk. We’re not asking it to run a marathon, because honestly, we don’t think this film franchise could figure out how.

It’s a gimmick if there ever was one, but in the right writer’s hands, with the right budget and the time needed to put everything together, it could be a huge hit. Especially if you get Kate Mulgrew, William Shatner, Avery Brooks, Scott Bakula, and other live-action stars not seen in some time, back in the proverbial saddle. 

It would work, it’d make money and it may also loosen the creative rust that has held the franchise in place for nearly a decade. At this point, that’s all we’re looking for.