Star Trek spoof melodrama play opens in Manitou Springs, Colorado Friday

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Star Trek: The Original Series often gets the brunt of the jokes when the word "melodrama" is passed around. Oftentimes, William Shatner's manner of acting will be brought up as will what some consider the cheesy lines, the set decorations, and the weird aliens from the 1960s series. One thing that isn't really taken into consideration is the time period during which the series was filmed. There weren't as many options for creating the sets and/or the special effects sequences aswe have now. Still, the series that ran for three seasons is the perfect punching bag for parody theater, which is a good thing considering a new play featuring the crew from the USS Entertainment, will open in Manitou Springs, CO on Friday.

According to, the spoof play, titled "Star Quest...or...To Boldly Go Where No Joke Has Gone Before," is opening this Friday at the Iron Springs Chateau Theatre and will run through October 1st. Written by the Iron Springs Chateau co-owner and manager, who also stars in the play, Jolene Howard, who calls herself a "Trekkie," the play takes the audience on a mission with Captain Smirk and Mr. Spork.

The crew is on the way to the space station Trelane when things start to go awry. When some of the crew goes missing, the Entertainment must make an unscheduled pit stop on Planet Na Noo Na Noo where they have to avoid being trapped by the villain of the play and head of the planet, Empress Buttercup.

Howard is a fan of melodramas and began playing in them in 2010. She offers a brief glimpse at what you possibly could expect if you're in the audience.

"“It’s unlike any other kind of character. You can play with the audience. The fourth wall doesn’t exist. If they boo at you, you can boo back at them. You can make up improvs. You can laugh while you’re on stage. It’s just such a fun environment to be an actor in.”"

Jolene Howard

The tickets for the show are on sale now. Call 719-685-5104 for purchase details.

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